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Walk This Way

Upon reflection, we could write about the number of testing moments this past year has presented. Writing such words would act as a reverberation of the millions of conversations clogging our lives. We’re full. Overflowing. We’d be adding to the cacophony. As these words are written Federal Politicians sit to decide on where we (Australia) sits on the issue of Net Zero by 2050. Another “Roadmap”, another debate on what side, if any, of the fence the people in our world sit.In an attempt to make this drawl relate back to shoes and the need for us to bring a form of joy to anyone we can….Let us introduce WALK THIS WAY. A song, written and composed by Indosoles’ Creative...

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Rad Dan

Aside from the obvious knack Rad Dan has for making pieces of art that deconstruct pop culture and evoke a sort of rambunctious need to cause harmless mischief and question the seriousness of everything. Every encounter with Rad leaves you with a smile on your face. A quality that can't be taught. Rad has inspired us daily for many years. His ability to make you feel hilarious beyond your actual talent is the subtle undercurrent that runs through almost all interactions. Despite how unserious the above words may make Dan seem his art is no joke, check it out, it's a real thing!   Tell us a bit about yourself? Google will know more about me than what I do…....

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Holly Hipwell

We are very proud to introduce our next Solemate, Holly Hipwell. Holly reflects the natural beauty that she surrounds herself in. As Chief Flower Enthusiast of Floral Art business, The Flower Drum, Holly’s name and face have become synonymous with seasonal blooms and celebrations. From blogger to business owner, The Flower Drum has grown faster than that out of control Jasmine vine in your backyard! As a   florist, Holly is known for her own unique aesthetic and has gained a loyal global following by recording her floral adventures through the The Flower     Drum blog and social media. By creating her own "no rules" style she has in turn, created a demand for flowers done The Flower Drum...

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SHOT BY @JORDYTDD WORDS BY KIRI HANCE FEMME as a word, as an idea, embodies different meanings. These meanings may change from person to person, in our mind there's no correct use of the concept. Femme and the female form is at the core of existence. The very beginning of our human experience. It is or should be celebrated, cherished, respected. The word femme itself comes from the French meaning 'woman'.As women there are some elements of life our male counterparts will never experience. For our sisters not physically born with vuvla, the experiences and trials even more foreign.Aforementioned musings and those to come are in no way meant to dismiss or reduce the experience of men rather to shift...

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E.J.WORLAND Solemate #8 Jumping off a plane into two weeks of quarantine seems like a common story for thousands of global citizens who have been scrambling to understand where, when shit goes down, they should be in the world. My country of origin? My new expatriated home? Or are we all moving to New Zealand? (too late they've closed the borders) 2020 musings seem to have mutated into exhausting platitudes. The unpacking never ending! However, talking to a friend that was front and centre for the U.S. metaphorical firestorm and is still an optimist reinstated my faith in something. I was lucky enough to get a couple of hours on the phone with our Solemate, Ed, affectionately known as Dossy....

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