Daniel Watkins

Aside from the obvious knack Rad Dan has for making pieces of art that deconstruct pop culture and evoke a sort of rambunctious need to cause harmless mischief and question the seriousness of everything, every encounter with Rad leaves you with a smile on your face. A quality that can't be taught.

Rad has inspired us daily for many years, his ability to make you feel hilarious beyond your actual talent is the subtle undercurrent that runs through almost all interactions.

Despite how unserious the above words may make Dan seem his art is no joke, check it out, it's a real thing!


Tell us a bit about yourself?

Google will know more about me than what I do…. Actually I’m trying hard to remove my google trail so I will have a story to tell the younger generation when I'm older.
Telling people about yourself will be an irrelevant question and topic in the future. We are so close to it now.
But to be short I'm and artist and designer, with and interest in philosophy and culture.
I started my career as a designer for Fashion and Art. Now you are more likely to find me on a building site or in my studio making art, with the music excessively loud. I love loud music, It changes your mood instantly.

Who/what is your inspiration?

The theories, Fame and Fortune that can alter culture inspire me on a daily basis. Thanks to instant updates and the internet I can access all this when ever and where ever, and its always different. Culture is erratic and strange, and what changes it is stranger and more erratic. I like that, and draw a lot of inspiration from it.

Now I'm working on some new projects RE-INVENTING., I'm always finding ways to reinvent myself. I don’t want to be a cartoon character with one outfit for the rest of my life. I want people to think that 2016 me and 2022 me are different but share the same vision.

Photographer: Nat Cottee